Workplace Positivity + Treadmill Fun

We made it halfway! Well, for me, I just have one more day ‘til the weekend. Woo. At work, we’ll soon have two web designers on maternity leave, so before I get to train and oversee their freelance fill-ins and things get hectic, I thought I’d take a day off for ME. It will be full of homemade breakfast and wedding designing.

And maybe some wine, because my boss told me to. Ha. My kinda vaca day!

How has your week been going? Mine’s been okay—I had a rollercoaster of a Monday, which prompted me to give myself a little inspiration:

workplace inspiration

I was having a rough morning (for no real reason), so at lunchtime, I found these colorful & positive messages on Pinterest, printed them out, and hung them in eyesight. I guess it was just one of those days, but I am already loving peeking up at those peppy messages every day.

“You gotta stay positive.”
“Choose to see the good stuff.”

Staying positive and finding the good in things just makes life so much easier! (And happier.) 🙂

I had some good workouts yesterday & today on the treadmill. It’s been another arctic week here in Wisconsin, so outdoor running is a no-go. I’ve been trying to keep the treadmill interesting (and dare I say, fun?). On Tuesday, I had 3 miles on the schedule, so I did my usual climb up/climb down starting at 5.5mph, going slowly up to 6.5mph, and then back down. Changing the speed up and down by .1mph every minute or so helps me break up the run mentally, I guess.

Today, I had another 3 miles on the docket, so I tried one of the pre-programmed workouts on the ‘mill. It was a “rolling hills” workout, which I must have set up wrong because the incline never went up from 0 like I expected. Ha But, it did give me an easy warm-up before jumping back & forth between 5.5mph, straight up to 6mph, then straight back down to 5.5mph. It went up or down like this at every minute for about 25 minutes before an easy cool down. I liked the mix of easy running with a burst of speedier effort, it made me feel strong and the time went by quickly.

Cheers to the approaching weekend (and a very cold 8-mile long run on Saturday)!

– – –

How do you keep your treadmill (or other gym workout) interesting?
Do you have a favorite motivational quote or saying? 


Flippin’ Cold + This Week’s Workouts

Go home, Hercules, you’re drunk.

It “feels like” -39 degrees outside, according to my oh-so-accurate friend,

Winter Storm Hercules weather from arctic air


BRR. I think this is the coldest weather I’ve ever experienced, in my life.

I would take one of those cliché pictures of my car dashboard thermometer to further show you just how cold it really is…

Except it’s so cold that my car won’t start, so I got nothin’ except that dandy screenshot above.

On the plus side, I get to work from home today, in the warm cozy confines of my blanket & cup of coffee, so I’ll take the trade-off. I won’t be able to get to the gym for my workout tonight (and you can bet your sweet bass I’m not running outside) so I guess I’ll switch my “off” day for this week to today.

More time to binge-watch Boardwalk Empire tonight, I guess.


Yes, Matt and I are late to the party, but we’re finally watching this fabulous series. I love the time period, the acting, the fashion and drama of the show. We watched the entire first season since last Wednesday! If I did a weekend recap, it would be: grocery shopping, cleaning, and watching Boardwalk Empire. So there you have it.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to stupid winter storm Hercules and this arctic air blast leavin’ town over the next few days. Hopefully I can leave my house tomorrow, but it’s supposed to still be pretty frigid (like, still -35 in the morning tomorrow) so only time (and my car battery) shall tell.

In the meantime, I’ll look forward to these workouts for the week, in hopes I can leave the house soon without losing a finger or nose or vital limb to frostbite:

• Monday: Off
• Tuesday: 3 miles easy
• Wednesday: 3 miles med-hard
• Thursday: 4 miles easy
• Friday: Off
• Saturday: 6 miles (heat wave—high of 36!)
• Sunday: Cross Train/Strength

– – –

Are you battling Hercules as well? How are you handling the snow/cold?

What workouts are you looking forward to this week? 

8 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated This Winter

8 Tips to help you stay motivated this winter - ways to motivate yourself to work out in the winter

As a kid, I used to LOVE snow. I grew up along the lake effect snow belt in Ohio. It was theee best when you went to bed with no snow on the ground, only to wake up to a foot of fresh powder and pretty snowflakes falling from the sky. Oh, and school cancelled, of course!

Now that I’m all grown up and the mythical Snow Day has been snatched from existence, just like Santa Claus, my love for snow has dwindled. Not only do I have to drive in this stuff (i.e., dodge all the people who can’t drive in the snow), but now I have to find a way to stay motivated to work out in it, so I can eat, drink and be merry stay healthy all winter.

Alas, here I am, in Wisconsin, land of beer and cheese and snow and bitterly cold wind. Over the last couple years, I’ve run during snowstorms; I’ve run during monsoon-like winds; I’ve run in temperatures topping out in the mere teens. I’ve run with YakTrax (spikes) on the bottom of my shoes, so I can prance along snowy, icy sidewalks and streets. I’ve run when other sane folks are only outside because they have to snowblow two feet of snow out of their driveway, and they look at me like I’m a nutjob.

(They may be right.)

Are you dreading cold weather runs in the snow, and finding it’s hard to get your butt out the door to go work out? Well, you’re in luck!

Here are eight of my tips and tricks for staying motivated to run and work out during the winter months.

1. Good Ol’ Fashioned Self-Bribery
Reward yourself for facing the arctic conditions that any normal human would cower against. Get yourself some new (warm) workout gear, new shoes, a sweet treat, hot cocoa…you could even set aside a few bucks in a jar every time you complete a workout and spring for a BIG reward. Whatever it is, paying yourself back with some sort of incentive to get out there can help.

2. Sign Up for a Winter Race
Turkey Trots and Santa Runs can help keep you motivated for the next month or two. Or, sign up for an early spring race, and your training schedule will demand training time over the winter months. Having a goal race to train for—and a set training schedule for it—is one of the best motivators to get out the door.

3. Join a Running Club
My bah-humbug motivation savior! Find a running club, or even just a friend or two, and set concrete plans to run together at least once or twice a week. Knowing someone is planning, and waiting, to meet you will make you less likely to flake on a workout.

4. Go Streaking
Not for the faint of heart: Join the Runner’s World 2013 Holiday Streak and run at least 1 mile per day from Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s. Will you win anything? No. Will it be awesome? Yes. I am going to go streaking myself!

5. Enjoy a Post-Run Warm-Up
Have hot cocoa or tea ready to heat up when you get back. Or, hop in a warm bath or shower to relax & de-stinkify. You might not want to get out.

6. Remember: Cold > Hot
When you think it’s too cold out to run, think of all the days you had to run in the sun, in 90 degree (or more) heat, and ridiculous humidity. Cold is oh-so-much better to run in than the heat.

7. Try a New Workout
Okay, so you’re not going to get outside. It’s just not gonna happen. Take these few months to try new workout classes or pick up some cross-training. Sign up for a spin class, yoga, Pilates, TRX, CrossFit, bootcamp—the possibilities are endless. Don’t think you’ll even want to leave your home? I like to hibernate, too. Get P90X or other fitness DVDs to do in front of your own TV, or find workouts online to do at home, no equipment required.

8. You’ll Be a Bad Ass
If you continue to run throughout the winter, even in snow and below-freezing temperatures, you’re kind of like the Super Hero of runners. Everyone wants to do it, but only a select few will really stick with it. You, my friend, will be a Bad Ass.* And as such, you’ll feel a little lighter, a little faster, and a lot more awesome come springtime.

*To non-runners, you will be a Crazy Ass. Proceed with caution.

What are your tips for staying motivated during the winter months?
Do you find it harder to get outside and run, or it’s just like any other time of year for you?