Things from the Week

Happy weekend! I’m glad it’s here, but I had a good week:

A Couple o’ Runs
I got a couple runs in this week—3 miles Monday, 4 miles Tuesday and 2 miles Thursday. I enjoyed the view of the beach Thursday…

running by the beach

This view never gets old!

But despite the beauty I couldn’t ignore the pain in my groin/inner thigh… How will I ever get this injury to go away? I think after the Green Bay [Half] Marathon next weekend I will have to take some real time off and see a physical therapist to figure out what to do. Just doing the rest, stretching, icing thing doesn’t seem to be helping it all that much.

Wedding Planning Bonanza
With about 3 ½ months until the big day, I’m in full-blown wedding planning mode! I’m starting to iron out the details and put my many Pinterest plans into action. Last night I was up ‘til midnight working on our wedding invites. The upside and downside to being a designer: You can create your own invites, but man does it take a lot of time! (Especially for a perfectionist like me.) I love how our Save the Dates turned out, so I have high hopes and intricate plans for the invites… 🙂

rustic vitage wedding save the date postcards

A Bird Pooped on My Head
Is this a highlight?

Well it’s dang funny, anyway: Thursday night was the first nice evening this spring, in the 70s, light breeze… Matt and I were sitting on our back porch, enjoying a glass of wine and blissfully talking honeymoon plans. Then plop…Right on my forehead. It was probably the funniest thing that happened to me all week, and I wish I could go back and see my face. Haha!

Jack is Back!

Anyone else obsessed with the show 24? I was lovin’ the 2-hour kick-off, but it seems like something is missing. Maybe once the story gets rolling it will seem like the old episodes that really pull you in and put you on the edge of your seat?

I am so looking forward to the coming week: We’re having some friends over for dinner Monday, and then I leave Tuesday for the HOW Design Conference for work, so I will be in Boston ‘til Friday. I loooove learning new things, so I am already geeked out just thinking about it! Plus, it will be nice to spend some time with my boss and talk shop…and my younger sister, who is in the same field, will be attending the conference as well. Bonus sister time! And of course, you know that at some point I will have to take a little jog on the Boston marathon course, maybe even cross the finish line. 😉

– – –

Hightlight of your week?

Any recos on what to do while I am in Boston? Things to see, places to eat, whatever? 


Weekend: Run Club, Tornados & Toilet Water

Hi friends! Happy Monday. How was your weekend? If you couldn’t tell by the title of my post, mine was a little eventful come Sunday…

Saturday morning started bright & early at 6:30. (Funny how it’s so much easier to get up at that time on a Saturday, versus every other workday morning.) I had planned to run 4-6 miles with my running club, and even though it was a little dismal out—overcast, chilly and misting—once I got going, I felt pretty good. Two new ladies came to run with the club that morning, so I got to know them while we ran. It’s always fun making new running buds!

At almost 6 miles, my stomach started really grumbling at me, so I called it short and finished up with some walking. No sweat, since I’m not training for anything. It feels good to run without putting the pressure on every time!

Afterwards, I chatted a while with the rest of the club members while I sipped some hot cocoa (yummm). Lots of people came out this week, it was fun! We kinda took over the room. Just look at all that reflective gear.

running club @ post-run coffee

running club @ post-run coffee

[Nope, that is not Voldemort in the lower left-hand corner, whose head is a blur. Just my friend Dave. I doubt Voldy is much of a runner.]

After I got home & took a long hot shower to warm back up, Matt & I flexed our sweet Excel skills and did some finance & wedding budgeting. We made it through without getting frustrated or ripping out any hair, so I call that a win! We must have felt pretty good afterwards, because we ran a bunch of errands and spent a lot of money and got lots of needed house stuff…plus a few little extras. Love this little typographic sign for my office (it’s slowly coming together):

home office typographic sign with motivational quotes

This is my fave quote on there:

home office typographic sign with motivational quotes

We all make mistakes. What matters most is what we learn from them.

As a creative and a web designer, no truer words have been spoken!

Saturday night, we made a nice dinner, then had another low-key night in, which included wine & watching White House Down with Channing Tatum. Oh yes. I guess I enjoyed that part more than Matt.

Sunday unwrapped a series of unfortunate events for us first-time homeowners. A faulty warning buzzer failed to let us know that our holding tank was full. (Since we don’t have city water or sewage, this tank holds all of our “grey water,” a.k.a. anything that goes down a drain.) After I tried to flush a tissue down one of our toilets literally five times, trying to figure out why the water wouldn’t go down the whole way…we soon found a few inches of water on the ground in our laundry room, next to the bathroom. Thus we came to realize that the holding tank was full, there was nowhere for the water to go, and it had backed up out of the drain and into the laundry room. WOMP. At least it wasn’t, er, dirty water…

While cleaning up the waterworks, the wind howled and screeched outside. Soon the lights were flickering and tornado sirens started blaring! Crikey, I thought it couldn’t get much worse than backed up toilet water, but there you go. We were lucky nothing too bad ended up hitting us during the crazy storms all day, but my thoughts definitely go out to those in Illinois who were hit by the tornados yesterday. So scary. 😦

Needless to say, things were kind of put into perspective. Matt and I finished cleaning up, paid almost $200 to have our tank emergency-pumped on a Sunday (ouch), and all was okay again.

After cleaning up the basement floors, then ourselves, we headed to our friends’ house to watch the Lions-Steelers game. No stinky water or severe weather can keep us from duking it out over our football rivalry!

Steelers vs Lions

Steelers vs Lions

P.S. The Steelers won. But I won’t rub it in. 😉

We chowed down on some snacks, and Matt’s homemade chili.

homemade chili, football Sunday

and some candy for dessert.


Plus I tried a new beer: Shock Top Raspberry Wheat.

Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

I normally love Shock Top, but the raspberry flavor was a little too fake…almost reminded me of cough syrup at first. After a few drinks, I guess I got used to it, because I liked it enough to finish it. Ha.

After the game, we came home, ordered in a pizza for a late dinner, and caught up on our show, Once Upon a Time, for the night.

What did you do this weekend? What do you do when home disaster strikes?

We tend to freak out for approximately one minute, then I usually call my mom (who will later make fun of me), then get down to work and take care of business. Yesterday we stayed pretty calm and even laughed while cleaning up, because of the ridiculousness of it all, so I guess we’re getting better at dealing with these unexpected things that come along with owning a house!

Things I’m Looking Forward To + Rachel Zoe

Whew! We made it to Thursday, people. It’s been a long week on the work front—lots of hours and last-minute projects. I guess that’s the norm in the marketing & web world, but sometimes it gets a bit draining. Looks like taking some extra time off running this week was good timing, because at least I’m not 110% drained at the end of every day.

On a positive note, lots of good things have been made, and we’re in the process of making so many improvements at work. I will just keep those positive thoughts in mind, keep my nose down to the grindstone, and truck along. That’s how I do.

Speaking [writing?] of making great things, I want to share with you the big project I was working on a few weeks ago: I work at Jockey International, and we’re partnering with stylist & fashion icon Rachel Zoe. Have you heard of her? She’s kind of a big deal. 😉 Anyway, a couple weeks ago we soft-launched our new microsite for new “cheeky” underwear that she promotes—that’s right, NOT granny panties! I put a lot of time, effort, and, umm, possibly some wine into this site. Check it out and let me know what you think of it!

Jockey + Rachel Zoe Microsite

Jockey + Rachel Zoe Microsite

Things I’m looking forward to in the next few days:

• Getting engagement photos back soon.
EEEEEE [<– imagine a high pitched girly noise here] I will fill you in on our amazing wedding photographer & all that jazz once we get the pics! Here’s a sneak peek:

shot by The Salty Peanut Photography

Engagement Photo Sneak Peek

• Chef salads & soup for dinner.
Simple and relatively light. Yum.

• Having a beer with said “light” dinner.
Balanced diet. Er, yeah.

• Staying home this weekend and “winter-izing” our house.
What does one do to “winter-ize”? We just know we need to get our shit together before the snow starts falling, which could literally be any day now. Damn you, Wisconsin. We plan to get our deck cleared off & our garage organized, and then get some major cleaning around the house done. I know, sounds exciting. But I will feel good when it’s done!

Things I’m not looking forward to:

• Avoiding Matt’s sickness the next few days.
The flu/cold has been going around work and now Matt’s been home sick, too. I’m trying to get lots of sleep and have been taking my drug cocktail in hopes of staying healthy. And by drug cocktail, I mean: Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea & Garlic pills. Usually works like a charm!

• Cleaning the garage out this weekend.
I know, I just said I’m looking forward to it above, but there are always so many spiders and bugs and it’s like a dead bug graveyard and ugh. Just not my favorite thing ever.

• Cutting back on sweets again.
I’ve been pretty lax on my diet the last two weeks, with the whole marathon euphoria convincing me I can eat whatever I want. It’s been tasty, but I can feel my jeans snugging back up, so I guess it’s time to get all that sugar back under control!

spoooooky cupcake

buh-bye mr. bat cupcake

• Bundling up.
Brrrr. It was 34 degrees when I left home this morning. I fear fall is on the downswing and winter is coming…

What are you looking forward to this weekend? What do you do to “winterize”? What do you think of our Rachel Zoe website? 🙂

Mommy-Do Lists & a Wedding Weekend

Last week, my mom stayed at my house to spend some time with Matt & me, and help us with some house projects. Now that she’s retired, we like to keep her busy. 😉 We’ve been making her a “Mommy-Do List” and she put a good dent in it for us.

Here’s my fave handiwork from the week. When we bought our new house six months ago, we inherited this sweet camouflage painted room.


The Camo Room

Thanks to mom, we no longer had to shield our eyes when we walk by it!


Camo, be gone!

Buh bye, camo. Hello, normal neutral beige.

My mom is the best!

On Friday night, we took my mom out for dinner and a movie as a thank-you for all the help.

Dinner was at Twisted Cuisine, which is one of my favorite restaurants. Their chef takes so many ordinary dishes and “twists” them into something interesting and delicious, with unordinary pairings or unusual ingredients. For example, there was a salmon dish on the menu that includes ginger snap and a pear gorgonzola vinaigrette. I’d like to see how those flavors come together!

I didn’t go with anything crazy on Friday, though. They had seafood cannelloni with a cream sauce that sounded too good to pass up, so I went with one of their more “normal” dishes. I guess all the marathon carb-loading has me on a pasta kick now. This dish was SO tasty, but also so rich that I barely ate 1/3 of it before I was stuffed.

I also had a pumpkin pie martini that tasted JUST like pumpkin pie…

Pumpkin Pie Martini

Pumpkin Pie Martini

It wasn’t too sweet, and had a yummy graham cracker rim. Pumpkin perfection.

After dinner, we went to see Gravity in 3D. Wow, that movie was visually amazing! It’s definitely worth seeing in 3D. It felt so real, like you’re actually there sometimes…which was kind of stressful, considering the story is about two people who basically get stranded in space. You kind of feel like you’re stuck out there with them. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat, and it was so suspenseful and intense that I was honestly a little relieved when it was over. Ha!

On Saturday, we said goodbye to my mom around lunchtime, as she was heading to my sister’s to spend a few days with her. Then Matt and I headed to Illinois for the weekend. A good friend was getting married on Sunday, and Matt was standing in the wedding, so we readied ourselves for some serious celebrating.

The weather was spotty Sunday, but luckily the sprinkling rain diverted itself long enough for the ceremony to be held outside. It was short and sweet, and Ross and Victoria were so happy and in love. I may have teared up a couple times… I am a sucker at weddings!



Congratulations you two!

We had a fun time celebrating with friends and the bride & groom’s families. It was definitely a night for the books.

Matt and I took vacation today since the wedding was just last night, so we got to start out the week by chilling at home, catching up on some TV shows and just relaxing with each other. Wish we could do this every day!

How was your weekend? Have you seen the movie Gravity? Are you a sucker for weddings like I am? 

Weekend Fun: Shopping, Art & a Wedding Venue

I noticed that my posts have been pretty focused on running & food lately, so I thought it’d be fun to give you a recap of my weekend since I DO partake in more than just those two things…

On Friday, I got out of work around 1:30 (yay for summer hours) but had to hang around the house for several hours because we had Sears come clean our carpets. Now that we have those cleaned + had our vents cleaned, our new house is smelling nice & fresh! I’ve been waiting for those two things to happen before I unpack my office and make over our two guest rooms, so over the next several weeks (or, probably months) you will get to see some fun progress pictures on those.

I’m almost done making over our upstairs bathroom, so hopefully I can post about that soon! Think tropical beach… 🙂

beachy bathroom decorations

After our cleaning, I went to Marshall’s because a friend tipped me off that they had hydration belts. Who knew they carried sport equipment there?! These normally go for about $50, but I picked one up for $25. Woo.


And don’t worry, I donated another $50 to Marshall’s via four new neon tanks. So fun! I also browsed the summer dresses, but sadly couldn’t find anything I liked. My wallet secretly rejoiced.

Saturday morning I had my long run, which left me pretty tired out for the rest of the day. I kept trying, but I wasn’t able to take a nap to recharge. Even still, I managed to do a lot. My bro-in-law, Mike, came to visit, because my sister abandoned him for New York for the weekend to see her friend, who BTW just helped launch a new accessories company, Lipstick Rose. Their jewelry is so cute & original!

Of course, the boys went to play golf. After they were done, we all went for a beer & late lunch. I love drinking a cold beer outside on a warm day, don’t you?

In the evening, I went to see a best friend’s art show in a small gallery. Sarah Starling Art is amazing!

I love Sarah’s paintings, they are so full of color, and the texture and touches of metallic paint make them so interesting. Pictures don’t do her art justice, because the textures and light’s reflections on the metallic paints really bring them to life. I was eyeing this one and trying to think of where it could fit in my living room…

072313 Sound Waves

She even sold a painting while we were there. Isn’t it pretty?

072313 sedona sunset

Afterwards, we went with a few of her friends and celebrated with a drink. It was a fun way to spend my Saturday night & I was so happy I finally got to see Sarah. But, I was still dragging from the early morning 12-mile run, so by 11 o’clock I was quite happy to be heading home for bed.

On Sunday, Matt and I went to a wedding location we had scouted out last week. We got to talk to the owner and asked a gazillion questions. Then I took a gazillion+1 pictures.




The place is rustic and charming, and with all my decorating ideas & craftiness (thanks, Pinterest) I think it will be perfect. We’re soooo excited to say this is where we’ll be married next summer! Cross that off the to-do list. Yay!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything new, fun & exciting?

Running to the Altar

If you’ve read my About Me page yet, then you see I have an exciting event coming up next summer…my WEDDING!

One of the benefits I’m hoping to glean from marathon training is weaning a few extra pounds off this bod & then keeping them off, so I can look good in that white dress. Cliché and such a silly chick thing to do, I know, but c’mon—wedding photos are immortal! Might as well make sure I’ll enjoy looking back at them later (hopefully not in longing of a bygone svelte body).

I’ve read several times that marathon training can actually cause weight gain. Due to increased mileage and calorie burn, you’ll be hungrier, which means you eat more (duh). But, if you aren’t eating more lean proteins and fruits/veggies, and instead justifying that extra piece of cake or cookie that won’t really satisfy your hunger (unless perhaps it’s a Snickers), then it’s easy to see how that scale can creep up.

cupcakes = my weakness

cupcakes = my weakness

As you’ll come to find out, I like to bake & I have a major sweet tooth. In the past, I did justify the ice cream, or cookie, or chocolate every day after I worked out. Sometimes I would literally stop to get a hot fudge sundae on my way home from my workout class. Ha! If you aren’t trying to lose weight and you eat a well-balanced diet in general, I think that’s just fine to do once or twice a week. But, when you’re trying to burn that extra fat off, putting it back into your body via gooey hot fudge and vanilla ice cream is not going to help.

Nowadays, I’m focusing more on eating lean meats & way more veggies than I ever did before. I actually hated vegetables up until a couple years ago, after I graduated college, when I started finding some ways to prepare veggies that were actually tasty. (Look for some recipes in the future on that topic!) It’s a little embarrassing to admit that, but I was like a big 22-year-old kid who would frown and just push her veggies to the side of her plate. Wah, wah. Now, I try to incorporate them as often as I can. And, on the weekend I let myself splurge once on a sweet treat…after all, who can really give up ice cream?!

healthy prep

What it comes down to is, I’ve changed my outlook on eating as fuel to get me through marathon training runs. Plus, having healthy meals and snacks planned out for the week means I am never hungry (even with cutting calories to lose weight) and I always feel energized and good during my runs. Win, win!

Oh yes, so back to that whole wedding thing. 🙂 We’ve got the reception hall picked out, and this weekend we’ll be touring the area to find a park to hold the wedding ceremony at. Perfect timing, as Friday is our four-year anniversary together! We’ll be celebrating with some hard core wedding planning. I’m sure my fiancé is super excited. 😉

How do you like to fuel yourself for your runs? Do you have to watch what you eat?

Any advice on deciding upon an outdoor wedding ceremony space? Luckily, our reception hall can double as our back-up plan in case of rain, so we’ve got that one covered!