Missin’ My Blog

Oh, my. So many plans and good intentions to finally blog again this weekend – I have really missed it!

I love writing and getting my thoughts, aspirations, goals, successes, failures and reflections down on paper out on the interwebs. Work and wedding planning has seemed to overtake my life the last few weeks, though, so despite my best intentions… No fabulous blog post to share.


I’m still alive.

I ran the Green Bay half marathon – and didn’t die. However my running’s been put on hold since then, and I’m [thisclose] to finally seeing a PT to help me on my way.

Wedding planning is going superbly, and I can’t wait. We’re under 100 days, people!

Work is swell, albeit a bit stressful and all-consuming some days. 🙂 But still fulfilling, so I can’t complain.

Diet=fail. Really need to get my butt in shape so it FITS into my wedding gown.

– – –

What’s new with you all?!

How do you carve out time to blog even when the daily grind feels like a madhouse? 


BlogHer13, here I come!

I definitely don’t have as far to travel as most BlogHer attendees, but I made it! I took a train south to stay with my sister in Chicago last night, and after an early 5am wake-up call this morning, I am excited to be here. (Bring on the coffee!)

I spent last night looking over the tracks again, and it was tough to pick which ones to attend…there are so many good ones! As I’m fairly new to this blogging thing, I decided on ones that I thought would help me the most as I get my blog up & running:

  • Turning Your Blog into Published Essays
  • The Anatomy of Humor Writing
  • Running Contests on Social
  • Sponsored Posts
  • The Unmarketing Manifesto
  • Make Your Words Work For You
  • 21 Steps to a Rocking Social Media Presence
  • Into the Niche
  • Hopefully these tracks will help me to make more thoughtful, interesting & fun posts for YOU to read! Can’t wait to share my recap and what I’ve learned with you all soon. 🙂

    For now – I will keep my ears open, let down my guard, talk to lots of strangers (sorry, Mom), and have fun!

    Are you at BlogHer13? What tracks are you looking forward to?