About That Lovely Life…and me!

Hi there! I’m Amanda, a 26-year-old lady with a lot of lovely things going on in my life right now. Rather than let these fabulous experiences pass me by, I want to write about them to remember the great times and memories, as well as share my crazy busy life with you! I have a lot of random interests, so here’s a bit of what you’ll be reading about:

  • Running the Chicago Marathon in October 2013…my first marathon!
  • Getting married in August 2014 (I hope I don’t need to say: my first marriage!)
  • Settling in & making over our first home – bought in April 2013
  • Cooking healthy & tasty recipes while losing a little weight
  • …Balanced by a little beer, wine & cheese sampling
  • Web design & marketing geekiness
  • And who knows what else will get caught on camera & typed up in a storm

Follow along with me during this exciting, probably exhausting, definitely crazy, enchanting, LOVELY time. 🙂