About Me

Welcome to my blog, That Lovely Life!

This is where I plan to share my stories about the lovely things in my life, including planning my upcoming wedding, running & fitness, healthy (but tasty) cooking, newbie home makeovers, and other little morsels.
Hi there!About Me

Hi there! My name is Amanda, and I’m 26 years old. I live in good ol’ Wisconsin, in between the great city of Milwaukee & the great BIG city of Chicago, with my fiancé. In a nutshell, you could describe me as a: long-time runner, coffee lover, HGTV junkie, bookworm, outdoorsy, creative, adventurous, and a wino+chocoholic. By day, I’m a web designer for a well-known underwear company, so don’t be surprised when I try to type “marathon” and type “marathong” instead. By night, I’m probably very routine & boring, but I balance this out by packing my weekends full (probably too full) of fun, drinks, friends and (if I’m lucky) traveling & trying new things.

My real passion, though, has always been reading and writing. It was always my dream to write a novel to share with the world when I grew up. I started out by writing up pretend newspapers on an old typewriter I bought at a neighbor’s garage sale when I was in elementary school. A few years later, I’d write fiction on my mom’s clunky laptop and save the files to a flimsy floppy disc. Little did I know I’d ‘grow up’ into the era of blogging, where writing & sharing your stories with others around the world is as simple as putting fingers to keyboard and clicking “publish.” Some days it still amazes me how easy it is.

So, you could say I started this blog because I love to write. But, I also love my life right now and don’t want to forget a thing. I hope YOU find it entertaining, interesting & inspiring. Or it at least gives you a good laugh once in a while. : )

Questions? Comments? Other randomness?
Feel free to email me at thatlovelylife{at}gmail.com

Tweet with me on Twitter, @ThatLovelyLife


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